Designing and selecting beautiful furniture and accessories is just the half the battle when it comes to assembling the perfect living room. Arranging the furniture in a way that promotes conversation and togetherness is a learned skill. Because no two living rooms are the same, the way you choose to align the furniture in your house plays a major part in creating a unique and comfortable environment for you and your guests. Over the years, our designers have picked up some strategies to speed up the process of finding the perfect furniture arrangement for their clients' homes.

1) Pick a Focal Point

Pick a focal point for the living room furniture | KEY Home Furnishings, Portland OR

Whether it's the TV, fireplace, or an architectural feature, determine what the focus of the room will be. Nothing notable? Try using a mirror, wall art, or shelving to create a focal point.

2) Plan it All on on Our Room Planner or Paper

Room Planner | KEY Home Furnishings, Portland OR

Plan your furniture arrangement on first! Configure the room in as many arrangements as you want and then start moving. You'll save yourself some back breaking work!
Our Room Planner is an online room configuration tool that lets you recreate your room to exact dimensions and place your furniture selections (with the correct dimensions) into the digital room to help you visualize how your room will look and confirm that the furniture will fit.

3) Place Large Furniture First

place large furniture first | KEY Home Furnishings, Portland OR

Once you have a plan, place your largest piece of furniture in the room. This piece, typically a sofa or sectional, should sit across from your focal point. Once it is placed, you can better see how your complimenting pieces and accessories will fit in the room.

4) Note Traffic Patterns

Note traffic patterns | KEY Home Furnishings, Portland OR

Determine where people walk through the space. Avoid blocking these paths with large furniture. Allow for at least 30" of walking space through major traffic routes.

5) Create Conversation Area

Create conversation areas | KEY Home Furnishings, Portland OR

Arrange furniture in an L or U shape to encourage conversation and togetherness in the space. Use accent chairs to create more intimate conversation zones in the room. Because every home is unique and the furniture, colors, and textures you choose to adorn your house with, are also unique to you, designing the perfect living room lay out may be an ongoing experiment. You may find that for 6 months of the year, the ideal living room arrangement is centered on the fireplace, but other times of the year a more open room concept is preferred.

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